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WORKSHOP, Srbijanski vez, is a handicrafts workshop, specialized for handmaking of folk costumes with aesthetic marks of folk art.

Our products are unique. Folk costumes are handmade following traditional models and decorations, adapted to geographical areas and folk customs.

We use materials of best quality. Costumes are made of plush, wool, heavy cloth, coja, brocade, folk linen and traditional materials of good quality with embroidered, crochetted and knitted etails.

Our workshop has been given a certificate by Ministry of Economy and Regional Development of Serbia, number 300-313-01-00014/2008-09 which proves that our products are products of folk handicrafts.

Our products:

  • Men’s, women’s and children’s folk costumes.
  • Handmade embroidered shirts, vests, short jackets, long-sleeved robes, scarves, aprons.
  • Handmade woven belts and skirts.
  • Handmade knitted socks.
  • Handmade embroidered, crochetted table clothes, "kuvarice" and combholders.
  • Handicrafts souvenirs.
  • Souvenirs with ethno motives and mini ethno items.
  • Rugs, woven belts, handbags . . .
Besides complete folk costumes, we also offer:
  • Separate pieces of folk costumes,
  • Handmade souvernis,
  • Souvenirs of ethno motives and miniatures of ethno items,
  • Interior decoration in ethno style.
and much more . . .
devojke u srpskoj nosnji
Ivana Zigon

Those who want quality and originality come to our workshop !


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